3 easy ways to get your home Airbnb ready

Got a spare room that could be earning you money? Fancy getting in on the Airbnb action? Here are three simple ways to get your room ready and three inspirational examples from around the world.

Holiday rental company Airbnb has taken the world by storm, currently having more than 1,500,000 listings in 190 countries. UK hosts are renting out a spare room for anything from £8 to £1,000 per night.

So, if you’d like to offer up a room in your house to a holidaymaker it’s important to make sure it provides guests with what they’re looking for – a real home from home.

And that is easily done. All it takes are some stylish touches here and there, and the visitors are sure to keep coming back for more.

Purple home accessories to style up your home

1. Give a warm welcome

The first thing you want to ensure is that your spare room looks warm and inviting. There’s no need for a big overhaul – a few artfully chosen pieces can instantly make a room look cosy and well put-together.
Drape this berry woven throw, £15, over a bed or chair and scatter a couple of purple chenille cushions, £10, around too. This lavender and geranium diffuser, £10, will give off a welcoming fragrance, while cute pieces like this dark orchid trinket jar candle, £4, just add that extra something.

Baskets to help declutter

2. Have a tactical tidy up

You’ve probably been meaning to do it for a while anyway, so have a quick purge of any bits and pieces you don’t use anymore. These rustic rush weave baskets, £10 for 3, should be able to fit under any bed, so they’re perfect for keeping things out of the way. These Moroccan-inspired woven baskets, £10 for 2, and large white wire storage basket, £10, (available in small, £8), are also good choices for an instant, stylish neaten-up.

Throws for the final touches

3. Enough supplies

It’s really important to have enough sheets and towels for your new guests to use. Impress them with this grey shell print bedlinen double, £25, or vintage-style country floral print bedlinen, £18. And thick, fluffy bath towels are a guaranteed crowd-pleaser – go for classic Egyptian cotton towel, £8, or cool monochrome diamond towel, £10.

Hottest Airbnb places to head

Of course, Airbnb isn’t all about inviting people to stay, it’s about jetting off and seeing some amazing places too. And there really are some incredible homes on offer. Check out our favourite few from the ‘Airbnb Top 40’.

Cubehouse, Rotterdam

Cubehouse, Rotterdam

Mind-bogglingly brilliant to look at from the outside, this house is also lots of fun inside with all sorts of confusing angles and fun shapes going on. Located in Rotterdam, Holland, it can be yours to stay in from just £395 per night.

Tile House, California

Tile House, California

You heard us: a whole house filled with colourful mosaic tiles, inside and out. In the making since 2000, this incredibly unique house in the Twentynine Palms area of California is full of bright colours and quirky touches. It even has a hot tub. Available from £139 per night.

Dairsie Castle, Fife

Dairsie Castle, Fife

Why settle for a house when you can stay in a castle? Originating in the 12th century, the castle perfectly blends medieval charm with modern comforts. And starting at £271 a night and sleeping up to 13, it’s never been easier to be king for a day.

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