How to be a good neighbour How to be a good neighbour

How to be a good neighbour

Love thy neighbour’ might be a stretch, but do we even know how to be a ‘good’ neighbour anymore? A courteous nod whilst both putting the bins out on a Tuesday night is often as far as the relationship goes. We’re aware that someone lives next door, but the chance to say anything more meaningful than hello can be elusive.


Connections are important. How we interact can have a positive impact on our wellbeing and helps to build happier and healthier communities. Here are three sure-fire ways to be a better neighbour.

  1. Now is the time many of us are eyeing up our long-neglected garden wondering where to start in restoring order. If your next-door neighbour happens to have a bush in their front garden that needs a prune too, use that as an incentive to get gardening, and offer to help them out while you’re at it.
  2. Why not view your newly christened cake tins as a catalyst for kindness? That Victoria sponge could always use a helping hand in being eaten, so dropping off a slice or two next door with your contact number will be a gesture sure to not go unnoticed, nor will the idea of support being there if needed, even if it just a moment to talk about how your local area has changed or what’s for dinner.
  3. Give practical help to vulnerable neighbours in your street. If you know someone who is ill, elderly or has mobility issues, ask if they need you to drop round some essentials or do an online grocery shop for them. You could even offer to water their plants. A little bit of community kindness goes a long way.

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