Connecting at home Connecting at home

Connecting at home

Ever since humans have existed, we’ve needed a base to sleep, eat, shelter and congregate in small groups – something we now affectionately call ‘home’. Sure, it took a while for us to fill these places with throws, scatter cushions and matching crockery but that sense of needing a heart, a safe haven to come together with the people we are closest to remains the same.


But in our hyper-connected world, the importance of home as the conduit to real, meaningful relationships can be lost. We aren’t as tapped into our community, our neighbours, our families. We’re more connected than ever before, but we’re also lonelier than ever before. So, let’s remember the joy and comfort we can find by opening up and sharing a part of ourselves.

Here you’ll find expert tips, insights and most of all inspiration. Sainsbury’s Home has everything you need to nurture fulfilling relationships with everyone in your life.

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