Sainsbury’s Six: French dining essentials

Whether the Tour de France has got you glued to the box or not, our six French-inspired pieces will take you on an instant ride across the channel. No Eurostar tickets necessary.

Sainsbury's Home, home decor, French dining, cheese board, wooden chopping board

When you think of France, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? The Eiffel Tower? Haute couture fashion? Fine wine and cheese? For us, it’s most definitely the latter. If you love sitting down with a glass of the good stuff and some great-tasting cheese, enjoy it the proper way: with glasses made for red and a board big enough for the camembert, the brie, the Roquefort and more. Oh and not forgetting the French stick too.

Sainsbury's Home, home decor, French dining, blue and white ceramic plates, bowls, cheese knife

Meet the fancy plates, without the fancy price tag to match. Starting from a measly £3, crack these blue and white stunners out when eating straight from the board doesn’t quite cut it. Not only do they look great as a complete set (did you know you can buy the whole lot at once here?) but they also work mixed and matched with printed and plain crockery for that cool, eclectic look. Nice.

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