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  1. Quiz: what’s your celebrity tableware personality?

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    1. Your dream holiday is coming up – where are you jetting off to?

    a) A stylish shopping break in Milan
    b) The Lake District for lots of fresh air and peace and quiet
    c) A beach retreat in South East Asia
    d) Somewhere exotic. The more fiery and passionate the better

    2. What would be your last supper?

    a) A lock-in at the ultimate steak restaurant
    b) A full roast dinner with all the trimmings, followed by apple pie and custard
    c) A Morrocan mezze feast – babaganoush, tzatziki – the works
    d) Never-ending tapas and bottomless sangria

    3. Which cocktail would you be most likely to (shake and) serve?

    a) Manhattan
    b) Strawberry daiquiri
    c) Mojito
    d) Caipirinha

    4. What best describes your home’s colour scheme?

    a) Cool grey backdrops offset by black and the odd flash of gold
    b) Lots of warm colours and natural textures like unvarnished wood
    c) All the colours, every which way!
    d) Whitewashed walls with complementary pops of colour

    5. If you were an animal you’d be…?

    a) A peacock
    b) A horse
    c) A tiger
    d) A Bird of Paradise

    Victoria Beckham

    Mostly As – Victoria Beckham or Emma Watson

    Just like Victoria Beckham or Emma Watson you like understated yet uber chic style that never goes out of fashion. To channel this ‘fresh from the FROW’ look in your home, pair this barely-there zigzag patterned jug, £10 – great for serving ice-cool cocktails – with a Kitchen Whites bowl, £4. Then punctuate with statement monochrome prints and these elegant gold-dipped effect candle holders, £6.

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    Kate Middleton

    Mostly Bs – Kate Middleton or Anne Hathaway

    Like Anne Hathaway or Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, a classic, traditional look sums up your style inspiration. You’re a natural homemaker, so go for earthenware pieces in warm shades with cheery colour pops from the Country Fair range. Serve wholesome bites on this hand-painted lemon print platter, £10 or summery puds in this terracotta pasta serve bowl, £5.
    For added flair, choose a stylish terracotta oil pourer, £8.

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    Sienne Miller

    Mostly Cs – Sienna Miller or Solange Knowles

    With your love of bright colours, patterns and prints, you’re just like free spirits Sienna and Solange, working a relaxed but on-trend look that cleverly clashes prints and textures. To capture this vibe, arrange exotic light bites on the santana dinner plates, £3.50, dip bowls, £2.50 and serve bowls, £6 , then serve up after-dinner coffees in this amora print mug, £4.

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    Eva Longoria

    Mostly Ds – Eva Longoria or Penélope Cruz

    Eva Longoria and Penélope Cruz sum up your style – which is why a kitchen full of bright and breezy accents and plenty of relaxing blue hues is perfect for you. The Mediterranean-inspired Aqua range is just the ticket for your summer dinner parties and beyond. Colourful salads will pop in this earthenware serving bowl, £12 or this aqua print platter, £10, while this graphic fish-print runner, £12 makes a fresh alternative to a tablecloth.

    Share the quiz to discover which celebrity style your friends are channelling, too.

    Check out the rest of our super stylish tableware ranges at your nearest Sainsbury’s store now.

  2. Blogger style: Georgina Fuggle shows us how to serve up a taste of summer

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    Whether it’s styling up a dining table for delicious.magazine or making a kitchen look magazine-page perfect for The Sunday Time Style, food stylist and photographer Georgina Fuggle knows how to make your home look fantastic with minimal effort. She’s a huge foodie, working as a chef for Marie Claire and penning her own stunning recipe book, Take One Veg. With summer in full swing, we asked her to pick out her favourite pieces from our Spring/Summer range for creating the perfect stylish summer soirées. Plus she’s shared a few delicious ideas for what to serve in them, naturally…

    Blissful blueberry mojito

    Magic mojito

    “You’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t like mojitos. I like to add a delicious twist by creating a blissful blueberry version.

    “It’s really easy to mix and is a real summery crowd-pleaser that takes little effort. To make, put 120g blueberries and a handful of mint leaves into a small jug and gently mash using the end of a rolling pin. Add 4 tsp dark soft brown sugar and the juice of 8 limes and stir until the sugar has dissolved. Pour in 100ml white rum and mix.

    “Decant into a large jug (see five stylish picks for serving yours below), add soda water and crushed ice, and garnish with blueberries, lime wedges and fresh mint.

    “Tip: if you want a non-alcoholic version of this recipe, simply replace the rum with elderflower cordial.”

    Go green sangria

    Cool sangria

    “For a twist on an old Spanish favourite, create a green sangria. It’s just as summery as the original, but a little more cool, crisp and refreshing.

    “Simply put 3 sliced limes and a handful of mint in the bottom of your jug (see five stylish picks for serving yours below) and muddle with a wooden spoon. Add 2 tbsp basil and 200g chopped cucumber, and stir. Finally, pour over 500ml white wine and 100ml sugar syrup and top with ice and sparkling water. Serve garnished with fresh mint leaves.”

    Get the look

    As any magazine food stylist knows, it’s all about the presentation. Here, Georgina picks her 5 favourite jugs from the summer range to help you serve up sangrias, mojitos and more in style.

    Terracotta jug

    Terracotta dipped jug, £12

    Bring warmth and rustic style to the table with this stoneware terracotta jug, perfect for serving tropical punch, fresh margaritas, or iced water with slices of lime.

    Lemon print jug

    Lemon print jug, £12

    The citrus fruits on this hand-painted earthenware jug are inspired by balmy lemon groves in the Mediterranean. Anyone for an ice-cold lemonade?

    Aqua print jug

    Aqua print jug, £12

    Bold fish motifs in contrasting Mediterranean blue and white bring the feel of a Greek island. Perfect for fruit-infused waters in the summer and as a bold jug for flowers all year round.

    Cobalt blue glass jug

    Cobalt blue glass jug, £15

    This elegantly shaped jug is given a unique twist with the bold blue rim and navy handle. Perfect for colourful cocktails with bright fruit garnishes.

    San Miguel Recycled Carafe

    San Miguel Recycled Carafe, £5

    Made in Spain from 100% recycled glass, this timeless carafe works beautifully for serving cocktails, water or wine. A truly versatile style.

    To serve up some style this summer check out our whole range of jugs, pitchers and glasses at your nearest Sainsbury’s now.

  3. Why Will Taylor from Bright. Bazaar wants to spread the colour love

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    The king of colour

    Known for his “make-you-smile style”, Will Taylor’s mission to inject colour into all of our homes is in full force, with his best-selling book – Bright Bazaar: Embracing Colour For Make-You-Smile Style – packed with tips and tricks we can all embrace. To find out more about his lifestyle loves and inspiration, we enjoy a colourful chat and take some inspiration from his incredible Instagram feed

    Describe your home in three words

    Colourful, friendly, eclectic.

    You’ve been colour hunting across the globe – where has been most inspirational?

    Burano, an island about 40 minutes from Venice that I visited in April. Every house is a different colour, it’s like a dreamland it’s so vibrant.

    Street with red and blue houses

    Image: Will Taylor via

    Which room in your house are you most proud of?

    My office. It’s very energising and relaxed and it inspires me to work. It’s both a productive and personal space as there’s art in there that I love. The colour scheme is blue and yellow. The blue is calming, while the yellow gives me the energy I need to work.

    What’s your biggest fashion faux pas?

    I painted my bedroom plum. I really like plum and pairing it with black but it just didn’t really work in that room!

    What’s the priciest piece in your pad?

    A really nice sideboard from Denmark.

    White fruit bowl

    Image: Will Taylor via

    What’s been your biggest bargain find?

    A piece of artwork from Williamsburg flea market in Brooklyn. It’s a painting by an artist based in Woodstock and was an absolute steal. It cost me £25 and I think it’s worth several thousand. I had to pay so much money to get it shipped back to the UK though.

    Are you a fan of rummaging for treasures at car boot sales and flea markets?

    I do like finding things like that, but my home isn’t full of vintage pieces and flea finds. I prefer layering old pieces with more contemporary ones.

    Brightbazaar bookWhy should people read your book?

    Because it doesn’t just give readers knowledge for how to decorate, but inspiration for colours to love. When people are faced with decorating with colour, they’re often unsure about what they should be choosing, what they can live with and how they can find inspiration. My book gives various ideas – contemporary and traditional as well as colour ideas – so readers know how to decorate successfully.


    For more colour-styling inspiration, check out Will’s blog – and pick up his book,
    Bright Bazaar: Embracing Colour For Make-You-Smile Style.

    Get the look

    Feeling inspired to add extra colour in your home? We’ve picked out a few of our favourite colour-popping pieces for spring/summer 2015.

    Aqua Tumbler, £5

    If you want to be bolder with colour, the bathroom is a great place to start. Add bright touches and colour pops with easy, breezy pieces like this ceramic tumbler  and soap dish to match.

    Blue cermain vase

    Santana Dinner Plate, £4

    Impress your guests and brighten up meal times with this earthenware plate, decorated with intricate pad print in on-trend blue and coral colours.

    Ceramic plate

    Frosted Purple Glass Vase, £12

    Give your cut flowers the attention they deserve with this bold purple number. And for periods when you’re in-between blooms, it looks just as good as a colourful focal piece.

    Purple glass vase

    Collection Red Cast Iron Casserole Dish, £50

    This casserole dish, also available in blue, easily adds a bold injection of deep, dark red into any kitchen. And made from real cast iron, it’s perfect for stews, chilli con carne and any other hearty meal to feed a crowd.

    Red cast iron pot

    Visit selected stores to see the full colour-filled collection.


    Image: Will Taylor via

  4. Francesca Stone shows us how to style up our home

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    About Francesca…

    Francesca Stone, the blogger behind, is an interiors fiend with a penchant for DIY projects. And if that screams wonky shelves and rickety cupboards, think again.

    With a penchant for pops of colour against clean white backdrops, Francesca’s look is chic and modern with a homespun feel. So, if you want to know more about how she combines the right individual touches to create a big style impact, read on…

    Dip bowls

    Clash hits

    “Beyoncé and Katy Perry are among the celebs that love this look, and there’s no reason you can’t recreate it in your home. All you need to do is mix different patterns to create visually interesting combinations that draw the eye. Here we can see the bold monochrome patterns create a fantastic backdrop to the more delicate pad print on the dip bowls.”

    Bowls and cast iron pot

    The rough with the smooth

    “Texture is often overlooked at the table. We assume everything needs to be ceramic or glass-like. But why not try playing around with a variety of textures to give the table some variation? Even the differences between the rough iron pans and smooth falconware pots is striking. And on the paddleboard, traditional wooden meets contemporary marble to create a beautiful mix of tone and texture.”

    Flaconware, bowls, recycled glasses and recycled carafe

    Bits of brightness

    “Use touches of colour like these dipping bowls to help lift the mood away from the monochromes and darker textures to something fun and playful. It’s these bright details that help draw out the individual qualities of each element, bringing them together cohesively.”

    4 ways to get a kitchen like Fran’s

    Feeling inspired? Check out the pieces Francesca used to create this interiors trend below, all available in selected Sainsbury’s stores now.

    Include solid statement pieces: cast iron pan and cast iron pot

    1. The LBD: Little Black Dishes

    For stylish touches that are also hardwearing, go for real cast iron cookware. This cast iron frying pan, £8 and mini cast iron casserole dish, £10, are great for nibbles and side dishes.

    Mix up your colours and texture: wooden paddle board and dip bowls

    2. Kitsch in the kitchen

    The colours of this Santana Dip Bowl, £2.50, are really on trend. Use them for crisps, dips, olives or individual deserts. This Long Two Toned Paddle Board, £16, instantly creates a cool, contemporary look and is ideal for sharing plates.

    Have fun with shapes and sizes: recycled glasses and recycled glass carafe

    3. Art of glass

    Whether your serving up sparkling water or sipping on Sangria, give your home that Mediterranean feel, opt for a San Miguel Recycled Tumbler, £2.50, and Recycled Carafe, £5.

    Be bold with your prints: table runner

    4. Prints charming

    Table runners are a really easy and effective way of allowing you to dress your table up however the mood takes you. These monochrome napkins, £6 for a pack of 4, are a perfect match with this geometric pattern of the monochrome stripe runner, £12.

    For more interiors ideas from Francesca, head to now.

  5. 5 essentials you need to throw an American diner-style 4th July party

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    Star-spangled style

    Corn dogs, mac ‘n’ cheese, pancakes with bacon and syrup – no wonder we love the American way of doing things. And channelling that 50s US diner look at home couldn’t be easier – simply opt for stylish pieces with a playful edge.

    Falcon dishes

    Retro chic

    Blue and white enamel serveware has a cool but kitsch feel that has never gone out of style. These Falconware rectangular and round enamel pie dishes, both £3 are perfect for popcorn, but you’ll also be able to use them throughout the rest of the year for serving up crisps, olives, tapas or, of course, pies. Don’t forget to check out the lidded option too.

    Griddle pan

    Order’s ready

    Good service is top priority in the US, so serve up your ‘land of the free’ feast in style on a cast iron griddle pan, £25. Also available in red, it’s made from real cast iron so it will stand the test of time and can handle anything from corn on the cobs to giant steaks.

    Mini round casserole dish

    The big cheese

    No US-themed event is complete without mac ‘n’ cheese, so make sure you give the golden gooey goodness the attention it deserves by serving in this mini round casserole dish, £20. This petite pot look is bang on-trend, and because it’s made from cast iron, you can put it straight in the oven and cook individual pies, soufflés and stews.

    Metal chip basket

    You want fries with that?

    Of course you do. Serve them in this metal chip basket, £3 for a cute way to emulate diner style. If fried food isn’t on the menu, it’s a fun way to serve any kind of party nibbles.

    Soda glass and retro straws

    Finishing touches

    To top it off, simply serve up some homemade milkshake and serve it in this durable, stylish soda glass, £1.50 and pop a retro straw, £3 in.

    To revamp your cookware collection, check out your nearest Sainsbury’s stockist now.