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  1. Win your favourite homeware pieces!


    Our new Spring/Summer collections are designed to suit your unique taste and style – pick which look you love most and you could be on your way to winning your favourite pieces!

    How to enter

    Simply comment on this post to let us know which of these four Spring/Summer collections from Sainsbury’s is your favourite and why, then share this blog post on Twitter or Facebook. You could then be randomly selected to become one of our four winners, who will receive their chosen set. Good luck!

    Closing date

    This prize draw opens at 9am on Wednesday 29th January 2014 and closes at 9pm on Tuesday 18th February 2014. For full terms and conditions, please click here.

    The collections

    Boho Chic prize set

    1. Boho Chic

    Muted metallics and exotic details characterise this indulgent collection.

    You could win:

    • Boho cut velvet cushion
    • Boho paisley print bed linen set (single, double, or king size)
    • Geometric espresso cup and saucer (set of 4)




    Botanical Gardens prize set2. Botanical Gardens

    Inspired by nature, this look draws on rich colours, floral prints and luxurious textures.

    You could win:

    • Green tinted highball glasses (set of 4)
    • Glass bottle (blue, green or purple)
    • Mauve vintage floral print bed linen set (single, double or king size)


    English Vintage prize set3. English Vintage

    Romantic prints and washed woods come together in this countryside-inspired range.

    You could win:

    • Lavender and geranium travel candle
    • Lavender optic jar tealight holder
    • Check throw



    Refined Rustic prize set4. Refined Rustic

    Influenced by traditional craftsmanship, this range has a windswept, beach-house feel.

    You could win:

    • Dipped baskets (set of 2)
    • Artisan clock
    • Wood lid jar

    We’ll be featuring more spring pieces and inspiration here soon, but in the meantime you can see more of our new range here – plus look out for them in store from March!

    Please see terms and conditions here

  2. 5 ideas for making your home your own



    You don’t have to commit to a full makeover to refresh your home – with some well-placed accessories, it’s easy to transform your living space.

    Picture frames 1. In the frame

    Nothing personalises your home like photographs of you and your friends or family. For ease, black frames are very versatile, sitting well with traditional or modern décor, or why not mix in a single lavish antique frame for a more eclectic cluster?

    2. This room belongs to…

    To give children a sense of ownership of their rooms, create a cute door decoration by cutting their initial out of thick cardboard, covering with an overlapping collage of their favourite characters or pictures, then painting with clear varnish.


    3. Feeling floral

    You can now bring flowers into your home very cheaply so why not indulge your creative side? Rather than a single large display, try a trio of short, squat vases with identical posies instead.

    Pillows4. Throws of passion

    Never be without a well-dressed bed and sofa – cushions, blankets and throws make a neutral home feel more snuggly. You can choose whether to pile your textiles haphazardly or arrange them neatly in stacks and crisp folds for two very different looks.

    5. Signature scent

    To create ambience and a personal touch, use candles, room sprays and scented oil burners to infuse your room with your favourite aromas. Perfect for imprinting personality without permanence!


    Tip of the week: Add energy by mixing contrasting prints – there’s no reason why you can’t go for large and fine stripes, big and small spots, or a medley of all four.


    Three key pieces

     Cream Faux Fur ThrowGold BirdcageSquirrel Cushion



    Cream faux fur throw, £20; Gold-coloured birdcage, £12; Squirrel cushion, £15

  3. How to make more space in your kitchen


    Tired of unstacking kitchenware and searching through your cupboards? Our handy storage tips will leave you with a seamless kitchen set up you’ll love to use.

    1. Sort it

    Assess what’s sitting on your worktops and at the back of your kitchen cupboards. If you haven’t used it in the past 12 months, be ruthless and consider selling, recycling or donating it to charity.

    inline_kitchen_200x2102. Store it

    Create unusual labels for storage jars using blackboard paint, which you can write and re-write with chalk. They’ll be pretty enough to sit on your worktop and you can change the label depending on the biscuits or teas you have in them!

    3. Place it

    Think about which items you use frequently when you’re cooking, and store them close to the cooker. Saucepans can be kept in a cupboard near the oven, while everyday items like wooden spoons, salt and pepper can be stored on the worktop near by.

    4. Stack it

    Place boxes or crates on their sides inside your kitchen cupboards to create mini shelves: it maximises your cupboard space and makes it easier to see everything at a glance.

    5. Hang it

    If your cupboards are bursting at the seams, you could try asking a professional to carefully secure a chain from your kitchen ceiling or cupboard unit, before securing meat hooks at various points – a great way to hang posts, pans and utensils.

    Tip of the week:

    For small utensils you want to keep close at hand, try fixing a plank of wood to your wall and screwing in some cup hooks to hang them from. Don’t forget to paint or varnish to match you scheme!


    Three key pieces

    Cook’s Collection storage jar with oak lid General store hessian baskets Kilner klip top jar

    Cook’s Collection storage jar with oak lid, £6; general store hessian baskets (set of 3), £16;
    Kilner klip top jar, £4

  4. Home craft: 5 ways to customise your interiors


    Have you ever wished you knew how to put your personal stamp on a room, or wanted to know how to customise a gift that doesn’t quite suit your style? Here, designer Marie Rouillon shares her top tips on upcycling your accessories using ordinary household materials.

    Light1. Experiment with paper

    “Papier-mâché is perfect for giving old items a new lease of life. Gather up any old wrapping paper you have from Christmas and cut it into 2.5cm strips, then mix together 1 part flour with 2 parts cold water. Bring five parts of water to the boil in a saucepan and reduce the heat, then add your flour mixture and stir until it has the texture of glue. Let it cool for three minutes then coat your paper strips with glue and cover your chosen item – you could even use magazine or newspaper strips if you prefer.”

    2. Make your own nightlight

    “For a nightlight with an exotic twist, take a trinket box and use a pencil
    to mark out Moroccan-inspired stars around the outside. Drill fine holes
    at key points in your design and place LED candles inside: perfect for your bedside table or any dark corner.”

    Old Tin Cans3. See plants differently

    “Want to break away from ordinary plant pots? Try gathering old coloured tins and placing your plants in those instead: you can find gorgeous printed tins in world food shops, or even use the classic golden syrup tin for a retro look. Alternatively, pop your plants in vintage tea cups – a cluster of these in mismatched designs will look lovely on a windowsill.”

    4. Rework a candelabra

    “A candelabra is a classic piece, but if your home has a more modern feel, you might want to bring it up to date. One easy upcycling idea is to melt candlewax into the candleholders then push an old lightbulb into each while the wax is still warm. You can always remove them if you want to use it in the traditional way!”

    Candelabra5. Flower frame

    “An unused frame can make a great centrepiece for your table. Take the back off, remove the glass and lay the frame flat, then place a vase of flowers or a collection of candles in the middle: it’ll create more of a focus than the items alone. You could also try using frames with the backs removed as eclectic placemats.”

    Tip of the week: To liven up plain pots or vases, get involved with some gold leaf: use masking tape to mark out a design – zigzags or stripes are easy for beginners – then delicately layer over the leaves with a paint brush.


    Images from top: Jonathan Gooch/ GAP Interiors, stylist: Nikki Bradley; living4media / Interior Archive / White, Luke; living4media / EWAStock; living4media / Gallo Images Pty Ltd


    Three key pieces

    Brown_Antique_5_arm_Candelabra_200x210Gold Metal BowlBlack and Gold Trinket Box

    Brown antique 5-arm candelabra, £20; Gold metal bowl, £8; Black & gold trinket box, £8

  5. Shopping for bargains: bloggers’ January sale tips

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    We all love finding a homeware bargain, but when prices drop in the New Year sales it can be tough to know where to start. Fortunately our favourite bloggers are at hand with their savvy secrets to revamping your home this January.

    spirit levelPippa Jameson, interiors stylist and consultant, suggests pinning down your inspiration before you begin:

    “Visit your favourite retailers’ websites to find out exactly when their sales start and see what they’ve got. If you’re just after one item then shop around until you find it, but if you are buying several products then it might be a good idea to pull together a moodboard on Pinterest first; this will act as a good design guide and help you avoid unwanted purchases.”

    For Caroline Rowland, editor of 91 Magazine, it’s all about taking a fresh approach to those bargain buys:

    “When shopping in the sales, try to think creatively. If you love the shape of a piece of furniture, but hate the colour, consider whether you could repaint it yourself. If you are on the hunt for artwork for your walls, look out for quirky alternatives that could be framed or hung up instead – a great tea-towel design or a beautiful plate, for example.”

    But whichever way you shop, remember it’s the piece not the price that counts, says Sian Astley, TV presenter and writer of Moregeous:

    “Be Sale Smart not Sale Silly: know what you want – measurements, style, colour – and STICK to it. This way you’ll end up with treasures you truly love. Better to spend more on something you adore, in a sale or at full price, than less on something you’ll soon throw away.”

    Now you know the secrets of the sales, what will you be looking for this January?

    Tip of the week

    If you want to discover how to customise your sale finds, look out for next week’s blog post on craft and upcycling.

    Annabel’s top picks

    white porcelain 12pc dinner set TU silver jacquard bed in a bag double Bath Towel Duck Egg


    Chunky White Porcelain 12pc dinner set, £30; Silver Jacquard Bed in a Bag, from £12.50; Bath Towel Duck Egg, £4.50